Barrett Upton Capital Partners launches as affiliate of Crescent Grove Advisors

Barrett Upton Capital Partners has launched as an affiliate of Crescent Grove Advisors. The new alternative firm will provide high-net-worth and institutional investors with turnkey access to a variety of opportunities in private markets.

More specifically, the firm will target investments in alternative asset classes, managed by high-quality sponsors with whom its team has developed strategic relationships over multiple decades of investing in private markets. Many managers are often constrained for capacity, closed to new limited partners and have high investment minimums. Barrett Upton’s strategy enables a broader base of investors, including those that work with financial advisers, to access these managers and the investment opportunities they offer in an efficient way.

By offering diversification across sponsors and market segments at accessible minimums, Barrett Upton will allow investors to approach alternative investments like the largest, most sophisticated institutions and family offices, according to the firm.

“We witnessed the private markets ‘access dilemma’ firsthand and wanted to create a thoughtful solution,” said Andrew Krei, co-CIO of Barrett Upton Capital Partners. “The platform was purpose-built for investors and advisers seeking greater portfolio diversification and looking to generate attractive returns relative to public markets.”

Source: Real Assets Adviser