Brookfield Snags Favorable Refinancing Terms in Tight Credit Market

Certain kinds of assets may have an easier path to secure refinancing deal options than others, particularly core real estate properties that have predictable revenue flows, but large managers are shopping around across all asset classes, said Andrew Krei, co-chief investment officer at Barrett Upton Capital Partners, which invests capital into alts strategies through custom vehicles built … Read more

The Hidden Opportunity in “Secondaries”

Private equity and venture capital funds have consistently outperformed public markets. But beyond those funds, there is a more specialized approach for investors to capitalize on the private markets: secondary transactions, often known as “secondaries.” Andrew Krei will navigate through the complexities of this dynamic sector, highlighting its potential rewards for investors seeking alternative paths … Read more

The Alternative Route

Wealth managers understand the value of diversification and a long-term investment strategy. However, if you solely recommend public equity and bond investments, you risk falling short of your clients’ expectations. Despite the new investment environment, in which equity markets have been on a strong bull-run for the past five months, advisors are staying with alternative … Read more

Into Alts, Out of Cash

Private credit is expected to benefit the most this year, according to the firm’s annual family capital survey report, “Loud and Clear”, with 45% of family offices aiming to raise their allocations to the asset class. Infrastructure comes in second at 31%, closely followed by private equity at 28%. “The slowdown in high-yield and leveraged loan … Read more

Canadian pension funds ramping up private credit amid high inflation, high interest rates

Andrew Krei, co-CIO of Barrett Upton Capital Partners, an alternative investment firm, said one of the clear benefits of private credit has been the potential for higher returns. “Over the last decade, private credit has provided a material yield advantage over most fixed-income asset classes, including 3%-4% over syndicated high yield and leveraged loans,” he … Read more

Lexington Closes Record $23B Secondaries Fund

With expectations for plenty of opportunities to deploy capital into secondaries deals this year, capital raising prospects are healthy, said Andrew Krei, co-chief investment officer at Barrett Upton Capital Partners, which invests capital through custom vehicles built for institutions and financial advisors into a range of alts funds and strategies. “Secondaries managers are as upbeat … Read more

A 2024 Outlook On Alternatives

As advisors know, alternative investments are “alternative” in name only, having become the third investment category in many portfolios as portfolios containing only traditional equities and debt faced a challenging environment in recent years. Given the key role alts now play in wealth management, the 2024 outlook for alternatives is as important as that of … Read more

Why An RIA Created A New Way To Access Alternative Investments

Russ Alan Prince: Can you explain what Barrett Upton Capital Partners does and why it was created? Why launch the platform now? Andrew Krei: Barrett Upton Capital Partners is an alternative investment platform that was purpose-built by a registered investment advisor, RIA, to solve an identified issue across our client base—namely, to provide access to high-quality alternative … Read more

Barrett Upton Capital Partners launches as affiliate of Crescent Grove Advisors

Barrett Upton Capital Partners has launched as an affiliate of Crescent Grove Advisors. The new alternative firm will provide high-net-worth and institutional investors with turnkey access to a variety of opportunities in private markets.

More specifically, the firm will target investments in alternative asset classes, managed by high-quality sponsors with whom its team has developed strategic relationships over multiple decades of investing in private markets. Many managers are often constrained for capacity, closed to new limited partners and have high investment minimums. Barrett Upton’s strategy enables a broader base of investors, including those that work with financial advisers, to access these managers and the investment opportunities they offer in an efficient way.

By offering diversification across sponsors and market segments at accessible minimums, Barrett Upton will allow investors to approach alternative investments like the largest, most sophisticated institutions and family offices, according to the firm.

“We witnessed the private markets ‘access dilemma’ firsthand and wanted to create a thoughtful solution,” said Andrew Krei, co-CIO of Barrett Upton Capital Partners. “The platform was purpose-built for investors and advisers seeking greater portfolio diversification and looking to generate attractive returns relative to public markets.”

Source: Real Assets Adviser

Crescent Grove Advisors Unveils Alts Investment Firm for HNW Clients

Crescent Grove Advisors, a $4 billion registered investment advisor, established a new asset management firm, Barrett Upton Capital Partners, to provide institutional and high-net-worth investors with turnkey access to various alternative investment opportunities.

Lake Forest, IL-based Barrett Upton is pursuing a distinct strategy focused on democratizing access to private markets, without the high investment minimums or barriers to new limited partners that often constrain asset managers’ capacity.

“Our industry relationships and disciplined, in-depth manager selection process help advisors offer differentiated private markets exposure to their clients,” said David Keevins, managing partner and co-CIO of Barrett Upton Capital Partners.

Keevins also serves as a managing director at Crescent Grove, which he co-founded with Gregg George and Nick Kochanski in 2015. He formerly worked at Cedar Street Advisors, a boutique asset management firm, and The Ayco Company, a financial advisor bought by Goldman Sachs in 2006.

Source: Connect Money